Our policy

Everyone has the right to the protection of their personal data. Araish and Arshad Group respect our users' right to be informed about the collection and processing of their personal data.

Araish.com website has been designed in such a way that the use of your personal data will be minimal and will not exceed the original purpose for which it has been collected and/or processed. In particular, we do not disclose your identity when the purpose for which your personal data is processed can be achieved by using anonymous aggregate information. Please have a look at the following information to fully comprehend our Privacy Policy.

Third Party Data Collection

Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes not permitted by law or without your explicit consent. However, your personal data may only be disclosed to third parties when it is necessary to process an order placed by you.


We use cookies to collect users' IP addresses and other information regarding users' data traffic or preferences in the choice of services provided and products purchased through the www.araish.com site. We disseminate cookies in connection with functions such as browsing the catalogue, purchasing products on-line and supplying "My Account" services.

As you may know, each Internet browser allows the deletion of cookies after each session. Your Internet browser contains instructions on how to carry out these procedures of deletion. Please access the appropriate instructions section on your Internet browser if you wish to delete cookies.

Opt In/Opt Out

Advertising material and direct marketing or other commercial communications which are not specifically requested by you or necessary to provide a service you requested, including the purchase of products on the Araish website, will be sent to you only after we receive your consent. If and when needed, we will inform you in advance and we will give you the option to either provide or refuse your consent by selecting the appropriate box.


However, if you still have any questions regarding our privacy practices and/or our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following e-mail address: info@araish.com